2022 Tech 4 Conference is now conducting an open call for speakers

Call for Speakers

2022 Tech 4 Conference is now conducting an open call for speakers, thought leaders, subject matter experts, and presenters. The submission deadline is October 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM CDT. Any submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. Review the details below as well as the THOUGHT LEADERSHIP TOPIC sessions on the primary conference agenda. Case Study, Lunch & Learn, Workshop, and Tech Talk sessions are currently by invitation only.

Rules and Requirements

We are intentional about inclusion and equity. There is zero tolerance for discrimination, marginalization, or other demeaning attitudes, statements, behaviors, or actions against conference organizers, attendees, sponsors, speakers, presenters, thought leaders, subject matter experts, and staff. This is a business technology thought leadership conference. Part of our objectives is to close the gaps in underrepresented groups. Your presentation must also be aligned with these goals. This does NOT require you to be a DEI expert or that you specifically talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion in your technology or business presentation. It does require that you do not present in a discriminatory or disenfranchising manner. Your approach should be one that empowers every attendee to feel they have a seat at the table and are welcomed to be there.

All presentations must be presented in an educational manner. This is a thought-leadership conference, not an expo. Speakers, presenters, subject matter experts, thought leaders, and attendees are prohibited from directly soliciting sales or attempting to collect leads.

Connect and network, don’t sell. This conference does have a networking component so that you may make contacts and build relationships with fellow presenters and attendees.

You will not be compensated. The majority of this conference is being made available to all attendees for free. While we have included some paid content, the purpose of these high-value opportunities is to help cover the costs of organizing, marketing, promoting, and hosting this event. Any and all expenses or costs you directly incur in association with your participation in 2022 Tech 4 Conference are your responsibility. There is no honorarium either.

Minimum commitments. In addition to the date and time of your specific session, you are also committing to the following additional participations:

  • Speaker/presenter orientation and meet & greet event that will be held in January 2022
  • Rehearsal session to be scheduled during the two weeks prior to the event
  • Host a private breakout lounge during the VIP Gold Pass & Speaker Virtual Reception held on the third day of the conference, Thursday, March 3, 2022, at 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM CDT

Previous presenters get first invitation. Speakers and presenters from the immediate past event may be given a first dibs invitation to present in the upcoming conference. Their deadline for acceptance of the invitation is August 15, 2021. If they submit after this deadline, they are put into the general pool of applicants and have the same chance of selection as everyone else.

Enjoy the conference! This conference is a lot of fun. When you come in with the expectation of not selling anything, and you’re just here to help small businesses and growing technology firms, there’s a fresh vibe. If you’re selected as a speaker/presenter, your conference pass gives you access to all content and sessions, including Gold Pass and VIP Gold Pass sessions. Attend as much as you can and network with all of the attendees and other speakers.

So, how do I submit already? If all that sounds good to you, then pull together your educational session presentation details and submit them to us.

All thought leadership topics default to a 25-minute webinar-style session with text-based Q&A. If you believe you can create an engaging interactive session where participants are invited to turn on their cameras, please submit your idea for consideration. You do NOT need to submit any PowerPoints at this time. If you have a rough outline that you feel would help us better understand your presentation than the abstract can do alone, please feel welcomed to submit that.

We will make final decisions by December 15 and announce selections by December 31.

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