Broke abroad? Help at hand in times of crisis

Insurance experts at International Citizens Insurance have offered travelers some top tips if they end up in the nightmare situation of having all their money lost or stolen while abroad.

It’s never an ideal scenario to be left with no money, especially when you’re in a country you don’t know very well. This can be a frightening experience but there are several ways you can raise funds quickly to help you out in the short term.

International Citizens Insurance has a whole host of money tips on its website to help people when they are on their travels or have relocated abroad. These include a number of useful apps to help you keep on top of your money.

International Citizens Insurance president Joe Cronin said: “It’s more common than you may think to find yourself with no money when you are traveling or even residing in a different country. Such scenarios could be when you have your wallet stolen or lose your bags. 

“This can be very stressful, especially in a country you don’t know well. But it doesn’t need to be. There are numerous ways to help you recover from this situation.”

If you become the unfortunate victim of theft or misplace your wallet or purse, it’s important to stay calm and to remember there is assistance available from a wide range of sources.

International Citizens Insurance advises tourists when traveling abroad not to keep cash stored all in one place and to keep a separate fund in a safe place in case of emergencies. The company even offers insurance plans which may provide you with a cash advance or other assistance if you are robbed while overseas.

Checking online banking applications is also encouraged so travelers can identify where their finances are at regular intervals.

Top tips for sourcing in a financial emergency abroad:

Seek help from family
Not only can a friend or family member send you money via a safe online transfer but they could also buy you a ticket home if you need it.

Locate your foreign embassy or consulate
Seeking assistance from the country you are a citizen of is usually the best port of call to start with initially if obtaining money from a family member isn’t an option.

Make an insurance claim
Depending on your circumstances and your policy details, you may be entitled to anything from medical coverage to funeral care and translation providers if you are strapped for cash. 


There are several charities for civil servants, medical professionals, and armed forces that provide financial relief on a case-by-case basis. 


Some banks will offer an emergency cash service if you lose your bank card or it is stolen when abroad. This involves receiving an emergency code and inputting it into an ATM machine which will allow you to withdraw cash.

Travel provider
Some travel providers may be able to arrange travel back to your home country under certain circumstances, for example waiving additional fees to return home.

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